Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 8- Almost done

So last week was week 8 and we were almost complete. We didn't go down week 7 but when we went down last Thursday for a meeting w/ our PM things were looking good.

They started our landscaping and we got our Black Door while we were down there ( I love my black door =-)  ) , we had our stove and microwave installed, the dishwasher was in the box and we were still waiting for the washer, dryer and fridge ( they were supposed to be delivered this past Monday). We have our flooring and they were also putting on the final coat of paint while we were there and our PM said they would go back and touch up spots if need be throughout this week.

We are just super excited about everything coming to a close and being able to move in. We are scheduled to close next Thursday 10/11/12 ( I love that date now) and we were able to lock in @ 3.5 % woo hoo!!!  We were officially approved back in January ( I know we have been at this for a while lol) and we were supposed to be waiting for re-approval. We have been playing the waiting game with NVR and have sent them everything they have asked for. The last time we had heard anything  from them was 9/22 so we went from playing the waiting game to playing the stalking game ( leaving multiple voice mails a day in hopes of a return phone call) Well today while playing the stalking game we actually were able to get in touch with our loan officer and she told us we were pretty much holding our breath for nothing. She was like " Oh you have been approved since the first time we did this, we just needed updated information, but you guys are good to go"... thanks I would really liked to have known this weeks ago so I wasn't stressing over if we were cleared to close or not.... but anyway woohoo again!!!

Here are some pics in any order blogger sees fit lol

Working on the landscaping package

Butterscotch Oak Flooring... I really wanted Gunstock but it was too late by the time I realized we had the wrong color... It's still nice though

Realized this is the only picture we have of the carpet color: White Fox

Our Tree and our Black Door... I really like the way everything turned out


  1. Wow! I remember when I first started blogging in February you all were scheduled to build in July and now you all are 8 days away from closing!! Just Amazing! I can only imagine the excitement you are feeling in this moment. Congratulations you are almost done! Just ask NVR for the keys!! :-)

    1. Thank You, yes we are really excited even though it is still a bit surreal right now!

  2. Did you ever find out if the siding was what you ordered? There is a house near me that looks peachy... But only at certain times of the day/sunlight. I guess it depends. You'll be in soon!

    1. Yes we did find out that it was the correct color, and our house is like your neighbors. In different sunlight/ times of day it is more of a yellow color, but now that everything is coming together I like it all so either way I am good =-)