Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Questions

Two come to mind at the moment

Do the kitchen cabinets come with hardware? I have been looking at different blogs trying to find and answer to my question but it seems as some houses have them and others do not. I can't tell if it is an after market add on b/c it seems like some of the pictures are final walk-through pics and I see hardware. Just a random question I thought I'd ask so I know if this is something else we need to add to the budget.

Also has anyone who has installed a closet organizer system been able to have them install the wall mounts during construction? We went to the container store the other weekend (actually it was Chris' 25th b-day and yes that is what he chose to do with it)  and saw the closet organizer systems that we both fell in love with BUT they are like 10x the price that they would be at Home Depot. So we went to HD and saw them for a great price (about $150 for a 7-10ft unit) and we know we are going to do 2 of these in our closet. I e-mailed our SR and asked her if during construction they would be able to install the wall mounts for us instead of the wire rack they were going to install . We know this could be a DIY project but neither of us is super handy and we want to make sure that the mount is screwed into the studs so it will support the weight of everything once the whole system is constructed ( we will do the rest of the system ourselves its just the mount we want done by Ryan).  Our SR doesn't think it will be a problem but she said we have to ask our PM when we get to that stage. I am just hoping this won't be a problem since it is pretty much just switching out the rack for the wall mount.

Lot Pictures & Standing Water

We went down to our neighborhood this weekend and while we were down there we went down our street to look at our lot again. they have expanded our street by about 2 lots on each side and all of the lots around us are starting to be sold. Both of our neighbors have sold signs and our neighbors to the right have stakes.

 ::Side Bar::- We know we are going to cause some disturbance in our neighborhood b/c most ppl will be post settlement by the time we break ground... We will bring cookies or something to try to smooth it over =-)

Anywho, while we were down there we noticed a rather large (to us) pool of standing water running along the easement behind the houses. I know that's what the easement is supposed to be for, but I was told there are storm drains every 4 -5 lots so there would be no standing water.

 This was something that bothered us a little as it was a decent amount of water just pooling in a few neighbors yards ( and the rain that caused it wasn't that heavy). We were told that day by one of the other SR's in the neighborhood that it could be due to near by construction. The dirt could be causing a shift in how the water drained... I am ok with that answer except for the fact that our street is going to be extended a great deal and there could be construction going on for a while. Has anyone else had a problem with standing water running along their easement and more importantly has it caused any basement flooding?

Here are some pics of the lot as well.