Monday, March 5, 2012

Lot Pictures & Standing Water

We went down to our neighborhood this weekend and while we were down there we went down our street to look at our lot again. they have expanded our street by about 2 lots on each side and all of the lots around us are starting to be sold. Both of our neighbors have sold signs and our neighbors to the right have stakes.

 ::Side Bar::- We know we are going to cause some disturbance in our neighborhood b/c most ppl will be post settlement by the time we break ground... We will bring cookies or something to try to smooth it over =-)

Anywho, while we were down there we noticed a rather large (to us) pool of standing water running along the easement behind the houses. I know that's what the easement is supposed to be for, but I was told there are storm drains every 4 -5 lots so there would be no standing water.

 This was something that bothered us a little as it was a decent amount of water just pooling in a few neighbors yards ( and the rain that caused it wasn't that heavy). We were told that day by one of the other SR's in the neighborhood that it could be due to near by construction. The dirt could be causing a shift in how the water drained... I am ok with that answer except for the fact that our street is going to be extended a great deal and there could be construction going on for a while. Has anyone else had a problem with standing water running along their easement and more importantly has it caused any basement flooding?

Here are some pics of the lot as well.

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