Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We went with the basement exit

So I forgot to mention in our last post that we went ahead and got the Single Welled exit for the basement. Everyone we know with kids tells us it will be a great idea for the future so we went ahead and did it. Also after reading a few other blogs I think I am going to ask for the higher top rack in the closet so that I can put another rack underneath. We are also thinking about getting a few additional outlets like on the island and on top of the cabinets ( I think that is it but I will double check to make sure) This is one of the good things about having a delayed construction date, we can still make changes... and the more I read the more I want to add/change.


  1. Sounds like a great idea for a young family. We have a couple of teens to deal with and didn't want them sneaking in and out and doing who knows what down in the basement without us least you'll have 16 yrs before you need to deal with that! Ericka

    1. haha I never even thought about that aspect of a basement exit... but you are right we have many many yrs before those days come =-)

  2. Also FYI, sliding doors can be lifted out of their track, so a stick to keep the door from sliding like most people do isnt enough.

  3. why the outlet above the cabinets? If you are getting a micro above the stove, you are getting a standard outlet installed in that cabinet above. The remaining outlet allows me to power the under cabinet lights. This is how I wired it in my last house and it worked great. This works well as long as you are happy to use the provided toggle switch you mount under one of the cabinets. If you want a wall switch, you will have to go the "install an outlet" route. Just make sure you like where they put the switch. We use our under lights all the time as we walk into the kitchen at night or morning when we don't want the full blinding effect of the can lights.

  4. Oh ok thank you for the heads up. We didn't know the outlet came standard(there are a lot of things we are finding out from other bloggers and not our SR). We want to do under cabinet lighting and Chris is thinking about having possible above cabinet lighting (we like the way it looks) so that was the reasoning for the outlet above the cabinets as well. But if we can run it all through one line that would be great.