Thursday, February 2, 2012

So here is what we chose

So as I already stated we chose the Venice Model. This was after much deliberation and debate. We started this whole process thinking about a Sienna, that changed to a Florence. Chris really liked the layout/floorplan of the Florence, but I liked the size of the bedrooms in the Sienna. So we went back and forth about it for about a month and then one day out of the clear blue I suggested getting a cost estimate for a Venice b/c that is the house that I really wanted from the start. We thought that there was no way that we could afford a Venice but our sales rep (who is awesome by the way) showed us that if we cut back a little on upgrades we could afford it. When she showed us cost estimates the Venice and the Florence (that had a few more upgrades) were the same EXACT price in monthly payments. So when we saw that we knew the Venice would be our house. It has the perfect layout for me and more than enough space for us to start and grow a family in. We are really excited to just be starting our lives together let alone in a beautiful house like this one!

Ok so enough of my rambling. Here are the options/upgrades that we have:

In our neighborhood Elevation A is the one with full Vinyl Siding and that is what he chose.

  • Finished Basement- with 3 piece rough-in's for the bathroom
  • Recessed Lighting in the basement
  • Morning Room
  • Gourmet Island in the Kitchen
  • Wyoming Cherry Spice cabinets-w/ crown moulding
  • Laminate upgrade in Kitchen ( we are still going back and forth with this one. We chose the Red Montana Laminate but we think we like the regular Butter Rum Laminate better so we are going back down next weekend to talk to our Sales Rep and make up our minds)
  • Stainless Steel appliance package - Flat Top Electric Range (we both like cleaning those better than any other option) Microwave and Fridge
  • Recessed Lighting in the Kitchen
  • Washer/Dryer package B
  • Double Bowl vanity
  • Luxury Owners Bath- But instead of the soaking tub we are doing the Roman Shower w/ double shower heads. 
  • Ceramic Tile upgrade in owners bathroom 
  • We are upgrading the cabinets in the owner and guest bathrooms but I can't remember to what ( I will write it down once we go next weekend and post it then) 
  • 3 Ceiling Fan Rough-ins - Morning Room, Master Bedroom and The bigger guestroom 
  • Hardwood in the Foyer, Kitchen and Morning Room in Manchester Butterscoth
  • Carpet and upgraded padding-Everywhere else in WhiteFox (except for the laundry room and bathrooms but I can't remember the names of the tile there either but I will have pictures) 
So that is what we have right now, there are a few other options on the table that we haven't decided on yet like the walk-out basement for example. For the most part we are pretty set on the choices we have made and are happy about them.

For those who have the walk out basement has it come in handy for getting furniture and things like that into the basement?


  1. I just thought you should know this since you say you are already doing a rough-in for a bath in the basement.

    When you pay for upgraded cabinets/countertops in the secondary upstairs bath, you automatically get those same upgrades in the basement bath. I don't know how much you are upgrading, but we upgraded to the best cabinets and to granite. Because of this we paid for the finished bath in the basement - since the upgrades are basically free, it made good sense! Just a thought, because sales reps don't always remember every little consideration.

    1. Ok thank you. That is good to know. There are a lot of things that we have found out from reading these blogs that haven't been mentioned.