Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pictures as Promised

Here are pictures of the model in our neighborhood. I love the way this house is decorated and we will probably be borrowing a lot of design ideas from this house, especially the master bedroom. I also have pics of some of our selections. We did change the counter tops from Red Montana to Golden Mascarello after looking at pictures online and some other blogs (those2 colors are really hard to find, I guess not too many people have them)
The range we chose flat top electric
I love the way this kitchen looks so we are going to try and make ours look very similar. We are doing the upgraded laminate instead of granite though so it won't be exactly the same.
Our sales rep said the cabinets in the model are Wyoming Cherry Spice (which is what we chose) but they seem a little dark to me. They seem more like Cherry Bordeaux ... Either way I think we will be happy
I believe this is the fridge that we chose as well
Morning Room
Family Room
"Living Room" I think we may make this a study although I love this set up. Chris thinks it will be a waste to set up another table which it probably will be b/c we will be moving about 1.5 hrs away from our families so we probably won't have many visitors.
Hallway pics
Hi Chris
These are all basement photos
Guestroom closest to the Master
Guestroom Closest to the hall bath
Biggest Guestroom with the "squinty window"
Hall Bath-I love the tile package in here but I couldn't convince Chris to do it in the Hall Bath. We have it in ours and have the standard white tile in the hall bath
Master Bedroom- We are going to decorate very similarly
Master bath
Washer package B- We chose this one
Golden Mascarello Laminate, Butterscoth Hardwood (Kitchen, Morning Room and Foyer) White Fox Carpet
Wyoming Cherry Spice Cabinets w/ the Golden Mascarello. I'm not sure if it is the flash but this is why I think the cabinets in the model are Cherry Bordeaux not Cherry Spice, they seem a lot lighter. Either way the Cherry Spice really compliments the colors in the laminate so I am happy =-)
ceramic tile package (master bath) in Mushroom
1st floor powder room tile ( I can't remember the name)
Hall Bath and laundry room color (I can't remember the name of this either )
Here are our Siding and Shutter colors. Sandtone siding with Black shutters
and here is our little spot on the planet. I am so excited about all of this especially being able to start a great life with my best friend. July is going to take FOREVER to get here, but it's ok b/c we have a lot of wedding things to get out of the way in the meantime.


  1. Great selections! We also went with the Golden Moscarello and youre the first one weve seen choose it as well, yay for us! -- Ericka

  2. thank you, and yay us! lol. I think it is a really nice color and will pick up the tones from the cabinets and floor nicely.

  3. Congratulations on the house! All of your selections are beautiful! I guess great minds think alike - we started with the Sienna, looked at the Florence and ended up with a Venice... and our last name is Morris!