Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tomorrow, Tomorrow I love ya Tomorrow

We just got the e-mail that our PM will be picking up the permit and breaking ground tomorrow ! =-)

Friday, July 27, 2012

And We Wait...

Here are the pics of the lot that I said I would post...looks like it will stay looking like this for a little while longer.... I got an e-mail from our PM saying that it doesn't look like they will start until the middle-end of next week as the permit has still not been approved by the city =-/...

In no particular order

Don't know what kind of bush/weed that is but it wasn't there last month 

Hi Gina and Kevin!  (I know no one is  in the picture...no they are not my imaginary friends, they are our e-friends who also happen to be our next door neighbors and that is their lovely Raveena

view from the back of the lot 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pre-Construction Meeting....Finally!!!!

Hi All,

We had our pre-construction meeting yesterday yay! It was supposed to be on Friday but we had a death in the family and had to postpone until yesterday.

It was quick and painless and we were able to ask all of our remaining questions. Our PM Scott seems cool and pretty laid back, but he told us that they wouldn't be able to put the wall mounts in for our closet organizer =-(.... oh well life goes on lol. I guess we will play Mr and Mrs Fix it and figure out how to do it ourselves. It  shouldn't be hard but we just don't want to mess anything up!

We were originally told by our SR that they planned to break ground Thursday the 26th, but our PM told us yesterday that the permit had not yet been approved by the city so they might have to push our start date back to some time next week. So we shall see... I will come back a little later and post some of the pics of our lot that I took with my phone yesterday.