Friday, July 27, 2012

And We Wait...

Here are the pics of the lot that I said I would post...looks like it will stay looking like this for a little while longer.... I got an e-mail from our PM saying that it doesn't look like they will start until the middle-end of next week as the permit has still not been approved by the city =-/...

In no particular order

Don't know what kind of bush/weed that is but it wasn't there last month 

Hi Gina and Kevin!  (I know no one is  in the they are not my imaginary friends, they are our e-friends who also happen to be our next door neighbors and that is their lovely Raveena

view from the back of the lot 


  1. Hi Danielle & Chris, I understand the feelings all to well. We just completed our paperwork on Thursday which will get our contract ratified; however, we still have two requests that keeps us off the schedule to break ground. Hang it there!! Trust me it's become my favorite line these days. LOL Smiley Face!!

  2. That looks like a great neighborhood.

  3. :( Hoping the city moves a little faster and get's that permit approved ASAP!

  4. It's called "Poke Weed". All those berries will turn purple but don't eat it unless you want to have food flow through you. I hate it when the birds eat it because it always leave such a pleasant stain on anything it drops on. Yay for hole digging!

  5. That's fantastic that you met your neighbors through the blogs here! I've added you to my follow list, you'll probably be half-way done by the time we break ground. Try to enjoy the process! :)