Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 6- It looks like a house!

Hey all,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while have a lot of wedding stuff to do these days. The last time we were down at the house was 9/15 and I took some video this time. Sorry it is not the most stable video I was actually just taking it for my mom but I figured I would post it here too, since it shows better angles and such than the pics I took. Chris has video of the basement on his phone but we haven't gotten a chance to upload it yet. I will try to remember to put it up next time around.

As you will see in the video (and the 2 pics I am going to post) below we did have one issue that we are trying to get resolved. It looks like there is some type of water damage abouve the door in to the laundry room b/c there was a bubble between the paint and the drywall but our PM insists there was no water and it was just a crack in the drywall. I would be more inclined to accept that if there wasn't what seems to be wet, compacted insulation on the ground in the laundry room as well... We have a meeting w/ our PM 9/27 so we will see what he is talking about then, but I think Chris is still going to go up into the attic area to check for himself.

 Here are the video tours of upstairs and the main level

* Danni Dear= Smallest Guest Room
*Squinty Window Room= Largest Guest Room
* Excuse my excitement over the shower and the kitchen =-P 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 5- Siding and Drywall...Houston we may have a problem

Hola Compadres

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted about the house. Have a lot going on these days with wedding planning.

Anywho we went down last Saturday 9/1 to see the sights and this is what we saw.

 When we pulled up I was super excited to have siding yay! and then I looked at it again and started to think it was a little dark. We chose Sandtone siding and I thought it was a more yellow/tan color where as the siding (more so in person) is more of a orange/beige color. It didn't help that as soon as we got out of the car Chris says " it's orange"

When we 1st had our color choice meeting this is a pic of the swatch I took. ( the lighting isn't the greatest sorry)

Here is another pic of the kind of "Orange Tint" that I am speaking of ( I even had a friend un-prompted ask if our house was peach when I showed her a pic of it lol)

We contacted our SR to see if there were any other Sandtone houses in our neighborhood just to make sure we got the right color. She gave us an address in a near by neighborhood ( but we haven't been back down yet to see it). She also explained to us that right around the time we made our color selection they changed their options from a Sandstone colored siding to a Sandtone  colored siding saying that sandstone was lighter. I was/am kind of wondering if the swatch didn't get switched properly or something however if you look at the above picture it says " sandtone"  on it, so I guess we shall see.

Our SR and PM are working on making sure the color we got is the color we chose. I haven't really heard anything from either one of them all week and I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

I didn't really get any good pics of he drywall while I was down there sorry. There were a few issues the most major of them being we are missing an outlet in our powder room ( we have no outlets at all in there as of right now)  but besides that it was pretty minor stuff that should be fixed fairly easily.

So using other pairs of eyes do you see what I see or am I seeing things?

* Edited to add- If if turns out that it is the right color we are both fine with it. It is not that we don't like it, we were just expecting something  a little different

Monday, September 3, 2012

Doing The Birthday Dance =-)

Why.... Because it's my Birthday!!!!!!( Dannielle)  Sorry I always get really excited around this time of year. Hope you guys are having a great labor day =-)

I will be back later to post about the house, but for now I leave you with this...