Friday, October 12, 2012

bumps in the road

 we were supposed to close yesterday the 11th, but due to some issues w/ NVR  we are now pushed back to around the 25th (we still don't have a finalized date yet)

we were however able to do our final walk-through on Wednesday and I will post pics/video of that in a little bit.


  1. Geesh....I am so sorry to hear that!!

    1. Thanks... I think I'm over being mad (it has taken a week lol) now its on to the waiting game.

  2. BS!!! OMG I cant believe you didnt do a RANT. I would have, what if your rate lock would expire???

    What a bummer...

    I fear your situation, glad to see you are taking it better than most of us would

  3. Haha, I have a very long/in depth rant saved as a draft... but my better half has asked me not to post it until after we settle as not to tempt the fates lol.