Friday, October 26, 2012

Uggh Part 2

So I know a few ppl were wondering what happened yesterday.... We didn't close =-(

The same day I wrote my last post I got a call from our loan officer saying that NVR is now transferring us to another Mortgage company b/c they think a 3rd party company can get us closed faster than if they start the process over again w/ a different loan type.

I know I haven't let you guys in on all of the details but I will say that we have done EVERYTHING asked of us during this entire process. Anytime we were asked for anything they had it within 24 hrs (usually less) of them asking. We have been organized, documented everything and have been well prepared so it is baffling that we now have to be switched over to another company 2 weeks after our original closing date. I think communication has been such a hard thing b/c we have been trying so hard to stay on top of everything so we would not be in this situation.

The thing that adds insult to injury for me is that we are getting married in 3 weeks which means we have to start paying our balances to our vendors starting next week... we don't know what the timeline will be w/ this new lender and now we are hoping that paying for our wedding will not throw off everything. we had been telling them from the start that we had to be closed before November so this exact thing wouldn't happen... but alas we are here anyway.

I am just so bummed, my SR called yesterday and I couldn't help crying on the phone with her b/c we really feel like we did everything that we could to prevent this and everything that was asked of us, not to mention every time we asked for an update we were told we were fine and everything looked good

At this point there is nothing we can do but throw our hands up and wait and continue praying about this whole situation but I am so emotionally drained and I hate it b/c like I said I am 3 weeks from getting married to my best friend  and I really wanted to be on cloud 9 right now... actually thinking about that is making me happier so I guess I will just focus on that until I hear some good news

Thanks blog community for letting me vent this is helping me control my emotions a bit and your thoughts, prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated... Thanks

P.S- We did consider the option to walk away from this whole process and re-visit it after everything calms down from the wedding but no one from NVR is giving us info on how to go about that and they swear they can get us closed with this other company, so like I always say... we shall see..


  1. Wow what a mess!!! I'm sorry you are going through this, but I hope that the other company can get you closed and in your home very soon.

  2. Oh my. What a mess.... And NVR should really take the blame here. They clearly were not on top your loan. Walking away would be tough but you really have to do what you feel is right for you. I hope it all works out.

    1. You two have come a long way, I pray that all works out well.

  3. Yes, walking away would be really tough... but we do want to have a backup plan so we are not completely heartbroken is everything falls through

  4. You poor thing! You should not have to be dealing with this BS most especially right before your wedding!
    I'm thinking about you guys...fingers and toes crossed that you get closed ASAP!