Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week 4- Pre-Drywall Meeting

We had our pre-drywall today and it went pretty smoothly. There were only a few questions that we had and our PM did a great job of answering them and making us feel comfortable with everything.  There were a few things for our PM's drywall punch out list  but nothing too major.

In no particular order

 Looking into the morning room
 Looking into the family room
 Chris and our PM Scott standing in the hall way by the powder room
 Hot Water Heater

 Looking into the soon to be finished area of the basement
 Three piece rough in for the basement bathroom

What we call the  "Squnity window room" Largest guest bedroom

 Master Bedroom
 Master closet

 Us hamming it up for a picture for my mom =-)
The picture is crooked not the house lol

ETA* - I forgot to add that our PM said we should be looking to close between Oct 11th-15th woo hoo!


  1. I am sure your Mom is so proud of you! It still amazes me how quickly the house goes up once framing begins! Are you getting the entire basement completed?

  2. Thank you, she is. Yeah it is crazy how quickly everything is happening. No we are only getting half of the basement finished. The other section will act as the storage area which we need b/c I have a lot of stuff lol. (although I think Chris might try to make me get rid of it b4 we move)

    1. My husband is trying to get me to do the same thing. I am working on it. I really want to take as less as possible and sell the rest. I am selling things on craigs list and doing a couple of yard sales. I have way too much stuff.

  3. I feel like our pre-drywall meeting was just the other day and we have been living in our house for 2.5 weeks now! Hold on to your seat because time is going to fly from here on out!

    1. thanks, that is good to know... Congrats on closing and moving in =-)

  4. I just saw the furnace picture, any reason why that one hose is tied the way it is? Is that for the finished basement space?

    1. Good question. I actually have no idea why it tis tied up like that. I will ask our PM about it, thanks.

  5. Wow,looks great..! I saw your timeline and realized how soon they are building ur home!!
    We are building a savoy model and now we are in week 2 of our house construction.
    Wating for the pre drywall meet!! Finally can step in to the house!
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