Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 3- We Have Been Framed!!!

Yay!!! Our neighbors told us that when they left for work on Wednesday we only had foundation and when they came back from work we had a house!  Our PM sent us these pics yesterday afternoon.

We went down after work and this is what we saw:

  That is the single welled exit, it is on the opposite side of the exit for the morning room 

   Unfortunately we also saw this crack in the foundation... We are hoping it is not as bad as it looks but we will talk to our PM about it next week at the Pre-Drwall Meeting

Pre-Drywall next week.. wow this is going by as quickly as you all have said it would!


  1. Alright, alight, alright, you all are moving on UP!

  2. Ryan Homes just completed our "Venice" in Middletown, DE. They did an amazing job! If your PM is named Blake you are in fantastic hands. We are very happy with the home they delivered to us. Best wished to you both and I hope you have the same wonderful experience we had with Ryan Homes.