Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nothing New

So there hasn't been much on the home front going on.... except we met our new neighbors (kind of  lol) through theses blogs which is pretty awesome.

On the wedding front we are trying to figure out invitations yay! and I ordered my dress double yay! besides that nothing really new going on this way.

P.S Congrats to everyone who has either closed recently or is on their way. It seems like just about everyone we currently follow will have a house by the end of May.


  1. When will you two be getting married? Believe me once they get started its amazing how much they get done in a short period of time. We went from dirt to an almost finished home in a months time.

  2. We get married Nov 17th. We hope to close the 1st week in Oct so we have a little over a month to get settled before the wedding. My SR says they should start construction in the end of July which seems like is taking FOREVER to get here.

  3. I know the wait is sooo hard, we waited a month and I was pulling my hair out. July will be here before you know it! Make sure to popup very often and see whats going on. We caught so much during the build that there was almost no need for a pre-drywall because everything had been handled on the way. Make a list of all the things were talking about and try to get some customized things done. Our PM is great and is very proactive, hopefully youll get a good one. --Ericka

  4. Hey doll!!! The time for your home to builld will come soooo fast and the wedding comes even faster , trust me when I tell you! You will be so happy when the construction begins and once they break ground your house will be up inno time. We actually went to see our house today after church and I am sooo amazed at how much work that has been done.