Thursday, May 24, 2012

Congratulations everyone

Congratulations to everyone who has closed this month how exciting. I especially want to send a Congrats to Kevin and Gina (our soon to be neighbors)  @ . They close today Congrats you guys =-)


  1. Thanks Danielle , closing went well yesterday and we r officially homeowners!!

  2. So exciting! We drove by the neighborhood on our way to a bbq today, your house is beautiful!!!!! What color siding do u guys have? Is that sandtone? If so our houses are the same color- we have blk shutters too.

  3. Hey Girl! Thanks a lot! No , it's called Island Pearl, hope to meet u guys one day when y'all are doing a drive by :)

  4. We were down last Sat and we met Gladys across the street while we were walking the lot. She seemed really nice and was telling us to make sure we are around for the building process to make sure everybody is doing what they are suppose to be doing lol.

    I saw a car in your driveway and I was tempted to say Hi, but I didn't lol. I was like hopefully we can catch them outside one of these times we are down here lol.

  5. Hi Danielle , I haven't met anyone here, we normally park in the garage so I'm never outside lol , but next time you come down, you can ring the bell and I'll come out :)

  6. Hi Danielle! I'm just checking in to see how everything's going withbthe upcoming groundbreaking and you're wedding plans? Gina

  7. Hey Gina!

    Things are coming along well. We have our pre-construction meeting on the 20th and ground breaking on the 26th ... we are super excited. Things are coming along well w/ wedding plans as well. I got the call that my dress is done, so I'm excited to go pick that up in a few days =-) .

    We wil start coming down to DE just about every weekend starting @ the end of this month. So we hope to meet you guys soon! =-)

    How are things with your house? You guys are past your 30 day inspection right? How did that go?

    1. Hey girl!! Aww how exciting! I totally couldn't imagine planning acwedding and a new home at thevsame time, but I am glad everything is going well for you guys! Our 30 day inspection went good, they didnt find anything wrong nor have we had any issues! We love our house! I havent really decorated too much yet, it's kind of overwhelming. We look forward to meeting you guys as well! Do u havevan email address so I can inbox you my number

  8. That is great that you haven't had any issues... good to know. Yes you can e-mail me at I check that one and the wedding one more than any other e-mail address (I have like 6 lol)